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Fitness For All

Enjoy a 30 minute full body workout using restistance bands, flex cords, sliders and more! Classes are never the same!

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking to take your workout to the next level, A Balanced Bear can meet you where you are!

Meet the Bear

“I have been attending Erin’s classes for about 3 years now and not only have I noticed a huge change in my body by I also found a class that is always different and that I love attending. Erin is very knowledgeable and is always researching new ways to love our bodies in a fun and safe way. The other trainers there are great as well and they really encourage you to do your best and make it fun while showing you modifications. Bear Bands is great for men or women of all body types and fitness levels which is another reason I have always felt welcome here.”

Alica S.

I highly recommend Bear Bands for an efficient 30 minute TOTAL BODY workout. We get our hearts pumping and muscles working with our great instructors. No workout is the same either! The studio provides a personalized environment so you don't feel lost like you do in the mega gyms.

Lisa R.

I order often from a Balanced Bear. Great Products...... Great Customer Service!

Jamie L.